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Phaethon Technologies is a budding Deep Tech startup that is focused on using advanced technologies like Blockchain, IoT and Machine Learning to solve real-world problems and provide a new dimension for existing industrial processes. We’re developers from different verticals of the industry, our ideas are different, our strong suits are different and this diversity is what makes us special.

What we Do

Phaethon Technologies is committed to building what’s next. We are achieving this through developing advanced technology solutions and by providing technology consultations, strategy formation and product innovations for our clients in their industry.



Project Ripple focuses on setting energy traceability using the power of Machine Learning, IoT and Blockchain to setup Energy traceability in the microgrid. In turn, reinvigorate existing power grid architecture using a revolutionary process called reverse micro-grid integration.

traceC is tool developed using open source technologies by Phaethon Technologies to aid the global effort to contain CoVID-19. It makes use of GeoSpatial mapping and Data Analytics to traceback and sanitize the patient data.


The EveLON comes down to enable the ever-evolving fashion industry using advanced technology, we are committed to bring data-driven and optimized sales scenario for a large number of small and medium scale vendors and fashion boutiques that are part of the industry.


FutureOne is a community-driven cause in which we are trying to be the oracle for the future engineers and developers. We are in the process of building a developer ecosystem where we aid the future engineers in ways we can.

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