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Phaethon believes in building and developing cross-platform engineering solutions that have far-reaching use cases. Presently, our solutions cater to easy business process task management using automation, and financial technological applications for easy trading based on Defi(Decentralized Finance). We are adept at creating technological solutions from the ground up or adapting existing models to accommodate new-age tech.

Blockchain in Retail

Blockchain technology provides smooth and error-free transactions on the platform, from processing bills to developing automated processes. With our smart system, you can also keep track of inventory.

Fintech with Defi

Blockchain technology is made up of blocks that are used to convert ordinary financial procedures into a transparent process. The system facilitates secure and fast commercial transactions while also creating a completely new ecology.

IoT meets Blockchain for Automobiles

The car industry, with its sophisticated database, is the most sensitive. By running IoT-based devices in a blockchain network, you can close security gaps in your system.

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