Who Are We

Born out of grit and determination we are a group of technophiles at our core. We are interested in building blockchain-based technology solutions that stand the test of time. Formed in 2019 as a small technological startup, but with perseverance and grit, we were able to get recognized for our stellar work.

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Our Services


Technological Consultancy

With our creative solutions and advisory services, we assist businesses to enter the digital service economy. Phaethon Blockchain Development will help transform your business. From smarter financial transactions to more secure company procedures, the possibilities are endless. Our involvement with blockchain technology is not new; we have successfully assisted our customers in scaling blockchain-powered business ecosystems for their end customers across finance, business processing, environmental preservation, trading and healthcare.

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Technology-Driven Solutions

We are committed to developing cutting-edge technological engines that reduce human effort while increasing security. By delivering numerous important characteristics, our blockchain and crypto solutions venture into the features of interoperability and contribute to governance. We are also making advances into metaverse crypto efforts, which will enable the adoption and upgrading of unique collectables including NFT in the metaverse.

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Service-Oriented Development

Phaethon believes in building and developing cross platform engineering solutions that have far-reaching use cases. Presently, our solutions cater to easy business process task management using automation, financial technological applications for easy trading based on Defi(Decentralized Finance) and Ecological Preservation based on crypto for a private entity. We are adept at creating technological solutions from the ground up or adapting existing models to accommodate new-age tech.

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Technological Stack

Phaethon provides organisations with integrated consultancy and advisory services for the deployment of multiple technologies. Solutions such as DeFi, Web3, Smart Business Contracts, and Enterprise Legacy Platforms are among our blockchain technology expertise.